The wind skips and hurries tonight - sometimes prodding, sometimes shoving as it plays amongst the buildings and the river and the sea. As I walk - the daily grind ground for the day, gusts shiver through my clothes and give my walk a meandering gait.

Tonight I play I return - veering this way and that to guide my path. I have spent the weekend in creative tumult - working against the futility of a drawing that started wrong and dug in its heels as I worked and reworked the detail - until I finished the work against my better judgement.

The next day time and inspiration led me to a memory of summer - a forgotten half idea that fluttered around my sleep resistant brain, landing in my sketch book with a deft touch. Working through the fear left over from the night before the image crawled into being in layers; slowly realising its final form - the shape and definition evolving through contrast and line.

My frustrated hungry catapillar ate through doubt and anger to gain the strength to form is pupa, to find the energy to metamorphose. I found my kaleidoscope of crazy emotions settled in simplicity on the page, and sought rest for the night. 



Soothed I moved myself to complete another work - another summer piece that played in the realm of memory. Commissioned to think back on time and space in hope of what the future brings. Finished and delivered the work has brought its happiness - adding my skip to the winds.

The weekend done the work that begun it all still waits. But there has been achievement and relief since I first started. So I will take time and space to rectify the issues; for nothing has been wasted - just ideas and instinct tested - as they will be again. So for now I smile - and contemplate a curry (another commitment I made - this time to myself) and wait for the wind to change.