A new day.

There is the residue of mist coating the trees and pylons today. The sun glows over a world made brittle by the light. This is what sleep takes from me, this is why I need to see the day.

Greeting the morning has let me sketch out an idea that has been evolving, giving me the chance to review it before painting for real; and now there is the world with its translucent cloak, and a sky that's shine is brought into focus by a tinge of argument in the cloud. The world has become deeper, more nuanced with colour and texture, escaping the petty single minded drive of the working day.

This is a world of great loss and great hope, but mostly this is a world that teems with life. I look around the carriage and see an engrossed crossword do-er - exercising his mind though his body is becoming more frail; a young couple heading to town - for them the day is still fresh and exciting; an old woman whose face displays a distaste for those around her and warns of her displeasure; commuters engrossed in their own worlds of phone, text, music and in some cases themselves. Some stand resolute, some slump into their seats, others glance to say look at me, whilst others say don't stare. Many lives, many days; time sometimes has a battle to keep up.

Today is a flash of inspiration: a teaming high street wrapped against the cold and laid bare to the elements; a quick sketch of people; an impromptu job application; a confused couple on the radio and a momentous day in history that also has politics reduced to absurdity with a selfie. 

With life so busy how can I remain stuck in bed? In short I can't, so... let's go shopping.

Jingle bells, and all that sort of thing.