Don't mention the Boom Town Rats.

That Monday feeling: snuffly, muted, as though you aren't really yourself. Not quick enough, not focused enough, just a flick behind the light switch. You can't find this, that won't work; information is lost, mislaid, discarded - and you have a sneaky feeling it's your fault somehow (damned if you know how!).

For me this is exemplified by yesterday's post - a mish-mash of two ideas loosely clinging together, and obviously from different days (I do like the food bit though). Okay, I know this is coming out on a Tuesday - a day late too, but Monday - y'know, happened; so with Monday in all our minds it seemed apt. (Also with my luck I wipe this by next Monday [he shrugs], what are you gonna do?) 

My point? Mondays are a metaphor for the moments of doubt we face in life. Those days when we're not at our best, when we have to 'get by', and find a way to still do what we love. Yesterday I was 'meh', but a painting really progressed, and by fucking about with an online application I learnt loads about an email system. I also realised that I have more to say about food (but I'll save that for another time). So even in the midst of a Monday there were gusts of Saturday, ripples of Friday and droplets of Sunday.

In short even the shitiest day can have its moments. Is this such a revelation? I think not, but it is something to keep hold of when sliding beneath the quick sand of a bad day. Will it be enough to make the day 'good' - probably not, but it might be good enough to make the next day bearable, and the day after... who knows? 

Okay, even I'm exhausted by all the rhetorical questions now. Sifting through a day is often unnecessary, but when you feel the weight of doubt upon you, then you need to find the nuggets that will give you the capital to pay for another day; for another day can be another chance.