Subject Matter(s)?

I've kind of dried up about specific experiences today (probably as I've got ideas for cartoon running around my head, annoying the hell out of a residual headache that has set up camp in my frontal lobe); but that does leave open a thorny topic that's been nagging away at the edge of my consciousness (Indeed possibly two as I'm still fascinated by the Freudian and sentient nature of predictive text.); and that is: what is the purpose of this blog?

I began talking about painting, and its value to me, drifted onto accounts of feeling and personal experiences, then finished with another examination of the relationship between myself and the act of being creative with a more theoretical bent. I've since added a soupçon of poetry and a twist of cod-philosophy. The result is an eclectic mix, which, if I'm honest, quite appeals; though it does mean I must apologise to those reading if they expect 'consistency' - for that is a phrase that has always angered me. After all, surely it is just a way of legitimising boredom! 

Some may claim that in writing about everyday events, feelings and thoughts these posts are boring (by some I, of course, mean me), although I'd like to think that on some level I 'defamiliarise' the world around me - following the Russian Formalists, in an attempt to process myself. And, I'm afraid, I don't have the coherence of a single theme or story; nope I'm decidedly incoherent (and the irony of the gibberish I typed while writing that word is not lost on me - nor the mangling of sense and syntax the prediction came up with!). This is a problem I've always had with the notion of behaving 'in character' - like consistency above it implies a stream of logic that can be applied to determine the response of another person; an approach I consider flawed at best, and dangerous at worst - but them maybe I'm just used to the predictability of the unpredictable?

If I act in character I display certain attributed characteristics - such as reliability, sarcasm, irony and cynicism; but if I display weakness, or anger, or uncertainty these are not alien characteristics - rather they are part of me that responds to new situations and circumstances; part of me provoked by new aspects of life or combinations of personalities. Character is a chemical reaction that responds to the variety of elements used to inspire the cataclysm of contact. My personality spikes and melts as the experiment continues, creating the odour of experience (That last bit - the assonance and mirroring, came from the predictive text - see, told you, sentient!).