Dreaming in the rain.

It is absolutely pissing it down. Great globules of water are falling from the sky. My ill advised flimsy summer coat is saturated, and my hair is being cleansed of any product I put in it (Which arguably serves me right for a) using product, and b) calling the gunk or gel or whatever it actually is 'product' - I mean it's probably sentient!), and it is now dripping white residue down the lenses on my glasses. 

But I don't care. I've finished my painting! It is complete. Each area is covered, the lines are sharp and flow. It describes and interprets the scene, and most importantly my gut says it looks good - others may not, but then guts can be liverish in their moods. I can bask in its completion, but more I can allow myself to consider other ideas that have been buzzing around my head - a cartoon, a water colour, and some oils that occur to me. My day spent sketching has given rise to a narrative poem I aim to illustrate, and I've even started to mess around with computer colouring - taking me back to my animation days (not as impressive as it sounds, I was free - as in cheap, not available - and they used the money for a computer - but the experience was great). 

So let the rain pound; let Noah do his dance and gather up his menagerie. I have made some progress, and can afford to enjoy the schism of the sky as a spectacle, not see it as the pathetic fallacy of my life. 

The clouds hang low, beckoning the greyness of the day, squeezing out every drop on to the roads and paths beneath. The transforming of the concrete into the waterways and rivulets provokes a 'singing in the rain' montage in my mind, and as I pass bus queues and shoppers I envision splashing in and out of the puddles, leaping on and off the pavement, spinning umbrellas in my hands and upsetting caught rain onto these unsuspecting passersby.  

Racing across the roadway to get to the station I feel the cold nose of the rain on my ankle, and jump as a car drives through a puddle staged by Morecambe and Wise. Not put off I disappear down the steps with a skip... 

"Do, der, do-der, do, do!"